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Revel Fitness is a group exercise studio located inside of PrimeLife Enrichment at 1078 3rd SW Carmel, IN 46032. We offer group exercise classes including Zumba, Shine, Pound, and others. Your first class is free, and after that it's $10 a class or $40 a month for a membership for unlimited classes!

We are a loyal group of fitness- minded people of all ages who love exercising and dancing and taking care of our bodies in a way that brings happiness and health.  We wholeheartedly believe that joyful movement is a reward in and of itself and the health benefits are a bonus.

My son, Robby, and I initially opened Revel with the hope of creating a place  where people can have fun exercising and exploring movement. In 2010, we quit our day jobs; Robby moved back to Indiana; we took a deep breath and Revel was born.  It hasn't always been easy but every time the economy or other circumstances threatened to break us, the Revel family - its teachers and students - have shown us we are a bigger family and we have a purpose that is yet to be fulfilled.  While Robby is not part of the studio now as he has gone on to other creative endeavors (his daily vlog and Adventure Archives to name a couple), the spirit of Revel and the family of teachers and students is stronger than ever.

One of my favorite quotes:  Exercise is not a punishment for what you ate, it's a celebration of what your body can do.  Revel is my second home and the people who are a part of it are my extended family.  All are welcome to join us , the more the merrier!  


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